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  1. Radio Protector
  2. Retreat! Retreat!
  3. Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here
65daysofstatic Photo


  1. Her Ghost in the Fog
  2. Nymphetamine Fix
  3. Temptation
Cradle of Filth Photo

Cradle of Filth

  1. Inis Mona
  2. Gray Sublime Archon
  3. Primordial Breath
Eluveitie Photo


  1. Bring It On (feat. Mikey Rukus)
  2. Raise Hell (Original Mix)
  3. Pure Power (Original Mix)
Zardonic Photo


  1. Troika Variations
  2. Lipa vekovaia (The Old Lime Tree)
  3. Orpheus
Artyom Dervoed Photo

Artyom Dervoed

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