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All Time Low будет на сцене 1:06. Здесь представлен возможный список песен, согласно предыдущем концертам :

Название песни
  1. Nothing Personal cover Weightless
  2. Last Young Renegade cover Dark Side of Your Room
  3. Everything Is Fine cover Everything Is Fine
  4. Nothing Personal cover Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)
  5. Nothing Personal cover Lost in Stereo
  6. Nothing Personal cover Stella
  7. Don't Panic: It's Longer Now! cover Backseat Serenade
  8. Last Young Renegade cover Life of the Party
  9. Some Kind Of Disaster cover Some Kind of Disaster
  10. Future Hearts cover Something's Gotta Give
  11. Nothing Personal cover Therapy
  12. Encore #1

  13. So Wrong, It's Right cover Dear Maria, Count Me In

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