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Песни, которые воспроизведены в прямом эфире, были выпущены в следующих альбомах:

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Rex Orange County будет на сцене 1:41. Здесь представлен возможный список песен, согласно предыдущем концертам :

Название песни
  1. 10/10 cover 10/10
  2. Pony cover Laser Lights
  3. Pony cover Face to Face
  4. Apricot Princess cover Never Enough
  5. Apricot Princess cover Television/So Far So Good
  6. Pony cover Stressed Out
  7. Pluto Projector cover Pluto Projector
  8. Pony cover Every Way
  9. Apricot Princess cover Untitled
  10. Bcos U Will Never B Free cover Corduroy Dreams
  11. Apricot Princess cover Happiness
  12. Pony cover Never Had the Balls
  13. Apricot Princess cover 4 Seasons
  14. Pony cover It Gets Better
  15. Sunflower cover Sunflower
  16. Best Friend cover Best Friend
  17. Pony cover It's Not the Same Anymore
  18. Encore #1

  19. Pony cover Always

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