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Песни, которые воспроизведены в прямом эфире, были выпущены в следующих альбомах:

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Louis The Child будет на сцене 1:25. Здесь представлен возможный список песен, согласно предыдущем концертам :

Название песни
  1. Independence Day cover It's Strange
  2. Fire cover Fire
  3. Love Is Alive Ep cover Love Is Alive
  4. Right To It (with Ashe) cover Right to It
  5. no cover Blasé ( cover)
  6. Love Is Alive Ep cover Slow Down Love
  7. Weekend cover Weekend
  8. Iii cover Genghis Khan (Miike Snow cover)
  9. Shake Something (feat. Joey Purp) cover Shake Something
  10. Last To Leave (feat. Caroline Ailin) cover Last to Leave
  11. no cover All Night
  12. Too Close (with Wrabel) cover Too Close
  13. no cover From Here / Compass
  14. Free (with Drew Love) cover Free
  15. Encore #1

  16. no cover We Are Here For Now
  17. Better Not (feat. Wafia) cover Better Not

Louis The Child Tour Map 2020

Follow Louis The Child around the world and explore the places where you can catch Louis The Child on tour.
39 Upcoming concerts, in the following countries: Соединенные Штаты, Канада, etc.

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