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Топ 10 самых популярных песен Pet Shop Boys за последние 40 концертов. New to Pet Shop Boys? Listen to the best songs first ()

Профиль и список песен

Песни, которые воспроизведены в прямом эфире, были выпущены в следующих альбомах:

Следующий список песен

Pet Shop Boys будет на сцене 2:31. Здесь представлен возможный список песен, согласно предыдущем концертам :

Название песни
  1. Super cover Inner Sanctum
  2. Please cover Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)
  3. Super cover The Pop Kids
  4. Disco cover In the Night
  5. Super cover Burn
  6. Electric cover Love Is a Bourgeois Construct
  7. Nightlife cover New York City Boy
  8. Popart - The Hits cover Se a vida é (That's the Way Life Is)
  9. Discography - Complete Singles Collection cover Love Comes Quickly
  10. Yes cover Love etc.
  11. Super cover The Dictator Decides
  12. Electric cover Inside a Dream
  13. Please cover West End Girls
  14. Release cover Home and Dry
  15. Electric cover Vocal
  16. Fundamental cover The Sodom and Gomorrah Show
  17. Discography - Complete Singles Collection cover It's a Sin
  18. Introspective cover Left to My Own Devices
  19. Popart - The Hits cover Go West
  20. Encore #1

  21. Discography - Complete Singles Collection cover Domino Dancing
  22. Lay It On Me: The Columbia Years cover You Were Always on My Mind (Gwen McCrae cover)

Pet Shop Boys Tour Map 2020

Follow Pet Shop Boys around the world and explore the places where you can catch Pet Shop Boys on tour.
21 Upcoming concerts, in the following countries: Германия, Бельгия, Нидерланды, Австрия, Польша, Великобритания, Швеция, Норвегия, Испания, etc.

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