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Песни, которые воспроизведены в прямом эфире, были выпущены в следующих альбомах:

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Thunder будет на сцене 1:45. Здесь представлен возможный список песен, согласно предыдущем концертам :

Название песни
  1. Gimme Some..... cover Love Walked In
  2. Laughing On Judgement Day cover Low Life in High Places
  3. Stage cover River of Pain
  4. Please Remain Seated cover Future Train
  5. Please Remain Seated cover Blown Away
  6. The Very Best Of Thunder cover The Devil Made Me Do It
  7. Stage cover Higher Ground
  8. The Very Best Of Thunder cover A Better Man
  9. Backstreet Symphony cover Backstreet Symphony
  10. The Very Best Of Thunder cover I Love You More Than Rock 'n' Roll
  11. Loser cover Loser
  12. Wonder Days cover Serpentine
  13. Encore #1

  14. Backstreet Symphony cover Dirty Love
  15. Wonder Days cover Resurrection Day

Thunder Tour Map 2021

Follow Thunder around the world and explore the places where you can catch Thunder on tour.
12 Upcoming concerts, in the following countries: Германия, Великобритания, etc.

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